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"Endings That Are Beginnings"


6 in x 6 in Print of the album cover (without the title) with download code and album info on the back.

This album cover is a segment of "Apocalyn" by Hilary Mance from her "Float" Series. "Apocalyn" is hanging in Green Soul Studios directly next to where this album was recorded, informing the music and coloring the atmosphere. We are making 6 in x 6 in prints of the album cover (without the title) so listeners can have the option to display it after entering the download code included on the back. The album information will also be included on the back.

We are happy to sign the piece of you'd like, let us know!


Recorded at Green Soul Studios

June 18th, 2021


Daniel Carter - woodwinds

Luca Soul - upright bass

Kelly Green - piano

"Endings That Are Beginnings" : Album Cover Print / Download Code

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