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Kelly Green _ Seems _ Album Cover _ Web.jpg

Out on March 29th, 2024
Green Soul Studios
exclusively digital distribution by la reserve records

Endings album cover.jpeg

Green Soul Studios [2022]


kgmusic [2017]

Kelly Green Trio Volume 1 Cover.jpg

kgmusic [2018]


Kelly Green _ That Sunday, That Summer _ Cover _ 9.JPEG
"That Sunday,
That Summer"
Kelly Green Trio
Kelly Green _ Social Call _ Bandcamp Cover.jpeg
"Social Call"
Kelly Green Trio

Green Soul Studios [2023]

Green Soul Studios [2023]

Open Spaces - cover.JPEG
"Open Spaces"
Music by James Robbins
Lyrics by Kelly Green

"Nature's Suite"
by Kelly Green


Green Soul Studios [2021]

"It Amazes Me"
Kelly Green Trio
It Amazes Me.jpg
kgmusic [2022]

by James Robbins 
feat. Kelly Green

Irreplaceable (James Robbins & Kelly Green)_edited.jpg
kgmusic [2022]

"Cheek to Cheek" 
& "Midnight Sun"
Double Single
feat. Martina DaSilva & 
Kelly Green

Martina and KG aurora borealis.JPG
la reserve [2022]

As a sidewoman

"The Am Sessions"
Alyson Murray
"The Rhythms Continue"
T.K. Blue
TK Blue(The Rhythms Continue,front,2019).jpg
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