pianist  vocalist  composer               bandleader arranger educator

kelly gReen trio

"Volume One"

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10 New Jazz Albums You Need to Know about 2018


"Kelly Green impressed many listeners last year with her debut CD "Life Rearranged".

Her piano playing is sophisticated and swinging, her vocals are quietly expressive and inventive and she is not shy to take chances and stretch herself even on familiar material...

Bassist Alex Tremblay and drummer Evan Hyde are with Green every step of the way, not only echoing her musical directions but also anticipating them."

- Scott Yanow, NYC Jazz Record

"Greens voice and singing style are a fortuitous package deal providing beautifully conversational singing with a solid range and certain expression."

                               - C Michael Bailey, All About Jazz

Kelly Green...

"Kelly Green is a delightful up-and-comer well worth discovering!"

-Scott Yanow, NYC Jazz Record

“Kelly Green is a triple threat as pianist, vocalist and composer”

-Jazz Weekly, George Harris


“Her piano playing is sophisticated and modern while also being connected to the tradition. Her vocals are subtle, quietly expressive and full of insight.”

- Scott Yanow, LA Jazz Scene


“Her love of music-making and of her audience is as warmly undeniable as it is rare in this hypercompetitive digital age.”

- San Francisco Classical Voice, Jeff Kaliss


“Vocally, Sarah Vaughan seems to be an obvious influence; on the keys, Green plays with a strong sense for space and a flair for the unexpected…What’s most auspicious is her own compositions, and the outside-the-box sensibility that pervades them.”

- New York Music Daily


“She is no mere songwriter, but an artist and performer in toto…Green’s composing skills are more than impressive.”

-All About Jazz, C. Michael Bailey


“ Kelly Green is one of the most talented & spirited people I know. Everything about her is joyous and swingin'! ”

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